Step-By-Step: How To Make Your Very Own Touchmark Stamp.

Having a touchmark stamp in your workshop is like having a personalized pen when signing documents, or leaving your signature on a painting you’ve just finished. Whenever you finish a metalworking project, punching your mark on your work is a must — be always proud of your work.

In this video, a coil spring will be repurposed as a touchmark stamp. What you need are: your design printed in paper, glue, hammer, furnace, belt sander, bench grinder, sand paper, file, and a workshop clamp or vise.

The first step is to straighten the coil by heating the metal and using the clamp. Use your hammer to straighten it further. Use any metal cutter to cut the metal to your desired length. After that, normalize the steel to prepare it for shaping.

Glue your design on the tip of your metal rod. Use your sander, grinder, and files to shape the tip of the metal to achieve the design for your touchmark stamp.

source: Torbjörn Åhman

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