How To Build And Customize Your Own Trailer Or Tow Dolly.

A trailer dolly or tow dolly is more lightweight and easily portable in most situations than a four-wheel trailer. Whether you are towing a car or vehicle for rescue purposes or for moving around with a coach or RV, the trailer dolly can prove to be more efficient in tight situations and space management. Plus, trailer dollies are also more cost-efficient than four-wheel trailers.

So if you’re tired of maneuvering your heavy trailer around or you find it difficult to store away in small campsites, maybe it’s time to switch to a trailer dolly to make things easier for you and your travel. Depending on your budget, you can buy a new or used tow dolly, or even better, you can build your own DIY trailer dolly.

If you find buying tow dollies to be expensive or impractical, you can just build or make your own customized dolly. This DIY guide will show you how to make a trailer dolly using tools and scraps from your workshop. Watch the video on the next page to learn how.

Image source: John Harmon – Cold Creek Works

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