Learn How To Troubleshoot Irrigation Sprinkler Valves On Your Own.

Irrigation sprinkler systems are important because they control the amount of water that flows. If your irrigation system is problematic, it’s best to check the valves and repair the defect as soon as possible. You can troubleshoot irrigation sprinkler valves by yourself to save on the cost of hiring a plumber. You simply have to follow instructions, be meticulous, and prepare a screwdriver.

If you already have a working understanding of your sprinkler valves’ components and how a typical irrigation system works, this project should be easy for you. If you don’t, you should learn the schematics first. With your knowledge, you can diagnose the common problems with an irrigation system and then get to the bottom of your faulty irrigation sprinkler valves.

Take note that irrigation sprinkler valves work smoothly if their components are not defective and water pressure is distributed equally on each side of the valves. So, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the different components of your sprinkler valves (such as the anti-siphon valve, manual control valve, flow control valve, solenoid valve, and manual bleed screw) and understand how they work.

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