How To Make Your Own Handy Wooden Flashlight w/ Customized USB Charging.

Do you love making unique and customized items using your own hands? How about a handy wooden flashlight with a customized USB charging? This will surely stand out compared to the common plastic-made items found on the market. Sounds impossible for a non-techno geek? Well here is a step by step video for you.

You can always opt to buy one at a very cheap price, but it will also be priceless to have something that you can be proud of, having created it on your own. As simple as it may sound, this will become your own treasure, perfect for gifts or even for personal use.

With simple tools and materials available on the market and easy to follow step by step directions, this video will see you through until you would have completed your own wooden flashlight with USB charging.

Image source: M.N. Projects

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