How Long Will Vinegar Be Effective As A Rust Remover?

Vinegar is known to be a powerful rust remover. It is a natural and gentler alternative to grinding, sanding, or using harsh and toxic chemicals to remove the rust from your old tools and other metal objects. The common vinegar found in your kitchen contains acid that can eat through the rust of the metal, which you can then clean off later on.

DIY instructors and enthusiasts usually adhere to the common belief that the longer you soak your rusty objects in vinegar, the more effective it is in removing the rust. Some people wait a couple of days; others give the vinegar a couple of weeks to work its magic.

This video shows you the results of an interesting accidental experiment that happened. The video creator attempted to discover the effects of vinegar after a couple of months, but the experiment accidentally dragged on longer than planned. Now it was nineteen months later, and the tools used in the experiment will either be revealed to be sparkling and good as new, or totally dissolved and unusable.

Image source: Andrew Reuter

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