Build A Stove That Runs On Waste Motor Oil. Free energy And heating.

Heating consumes a lot of energy, which translates to increased costs. Whether in the form of electricity or gas, a heater will still take a sizable bite off your budget. Don’t you wish that there’s an alternative energy source available for heating? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

With a little bit of mechanical wizardry, you can build your own heater stove that runs on waste motor oil. Not only does this system help reduce your costs on both electricity and fuel, but you also make use of a waste product that can contaminate both soil and water.

Sure, there are some risks when undertaking a build such as this (well, playing with fire has always been a risky proposition). However, if you get it right, your home will be more than ready for the cold days ahead. This heater is proven to work and can still be improved in multiple ways.

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