Creating Free Heat Source Using Homemade Waste Oil Burner Drip Feed.

For those who live in the North, you know how much you need heat every winter and spring. And you definitely know how much heat generation can waste a lot of resources: money, electricity, and wood. Because of that, having “free heat” is definitely something you would want to have at home.

Fortunately, this video covers how you can take advantage of waste oil as your free source of heat. At least two liters of waste oil can get your home warm for a long time. Oil can come from your kitchen and garage. And you do not need to worry about smoke and smell — the drip is almost emission-free.

Anyway, the difficulty of this project is quite high, and the resources needed are quite difficult to obtain as well. Newbies should expect that they will take at least a week to get this project done right. Also, you will need some power tools to get this done faster.

Image source: GerrysDiy

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