Learn This Cool Trick To Perfectly Weld Metals Together!

Welding can be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner. It takes a lot of practice and patience to perfectly weld different kinds of metals together. There will be many failed attempts, especially if you are not familiar with the principles of welding. One of these difficulties are related to keeping joints perfectly square when welded caused by weld distortion.

Weld distortion results from the act of expansion and contraction of the adjacent base metal and weld metal during the welding process of cooling and heating. There are many types of weld distortion such as angular distortion, bowing and dishing, buckling, twisting, longitudinal and transverse shrinkage.

In this video, the shrinkage type of distortion will be discussed and demonstrated. Beginner welders must be able to determine whether it is longitudinal or transverse. Watch the video to learn tips and tricks to prevent shrinkage in your next welding project!

Image source: weldingtipsandtricks

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