Welding 101: How To Run A Straight Bead.

Learning how to weld is a good idea because not only does it offer you a lucrative career path, it is also a practical skill to possess, so you can independently do your own repairs without having to call for the services of a professional. Welding is a craft you can easily learn at home, with the right equipment and education.

If you are a welding novice, the first basic skill you need to learn is how to run a straight line. No matter the welding process you choose to do, mastering this skill is important and will greatly aid you as you move on to learning other welding basics.

This tutorial introduces you to running a single straight bead on a plate using a stick welder. Instructor Bob Moffat shares welding dos and don’ts and offers tips on how to create clean and consistent welds along the way. His approach to teaching is very no-nonsense and you will likely appreciate the invaluable practical advice he gives.

Image source: Weld.com

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