Welding 101: How To Run A Straight Bead.

The First Lesson of Welding – Learn to Run a Straight Bead. — by ‘Weld.com’. Teaching yourself how to weld requires much discipline and patience. Mastering this craft does not happen overnight and you should commit to a lot of practice with the basics before trying out bigger projects. To help you get started with laying straight beads and welding in general, check out the video below.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Weld.com’.


The first thing you need to learn as a welder, whether it be TIG, MIG, Stick or FCAW is how to weld a straight line. In today’s video, we are going to go over some practice techniques, dos and don’ts for getting started into stick welding….Bob Moffatt

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Image source: YouTube.

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