Complete guide: Quick, Low-Cost DIY Repair Of Wheel Rim Rashes With Amazing Results.

Curb rash damages or scratches, no matter how small, can really be unsightly, and having them professionally repaired could cost you hundreds of dollars!

Well, if you’d rather not pay that much, then we have just the perfect DIY video for you. All you need are the following: 80 grit and 180 grit sandpapers, Scotch Brite, primer, silver base coat, clear coat, used plastic for masking, and some playing cards… playing cards? You’ll discover what they’re for later. The total cost of all these materials won’t sum up to $100 — not even close to that. What’s more, this DIY wheel rim repair is quick, easy, and bound to produce professional-looking results — you probably won’t believe it yourself.

To start off, sand the damages to even out the rim’s surface. If there are deeper scratches, however, you may need to put some filler. Wait 30 minutes after doing this, and then sand again.

Image source: Mad4Motors

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