[Video ]How To Whitewash A Wood Wall. Make Any Room Stand Out.

Using wood in your wall adds aesthetics to your house’s interior. Wood has that rustic appeal that makes any room stand out. You can buy expensive wood panels or just use scrap wooden pallets that you can buy off the junk shop; it doesn’t matter as long you design it properly.

Some people prefer the natural colors and shades of wood so they just add a clear coating of varnish or even just go bare and not apply anything at all. Some who use them on rooms where there is not much natural light apply a whitewash effect to make the room a bit brighter.

Unlike painting over wood which covers its natural color, whitewashing still lets a bit of the wood’s natural hues come through using a kind of translucent coating. You can still see the grains and the natural patterns on the wood so it doesn’t lose all of its natural beauty and appeal. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

source: Beau Hollis

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