[Video] Make A Homemade Wire Binding Tool Out Of Scrap Materials: Strip Steel, Wing Nut And A Rivet.

Thinking about cashing out for that sweet wire binder tool? Or have you lost another one of those expensive tools? This DIY wire binder tool will save you from the hassle and the cost. It is simple to make and requires no expensive materials.

From pipe repairs and bicycle parts, a handy wire binder tool has many uses. And for you to make it at home without spending money is a great help. Don’t worry since using it is as simple as making it. There’s almost no difference in using this homemade binder tool than using the market-bought. Either way, they’re easy and convenient to do.

If you are hesitating of throwing off that bicycle wheel wing nut, you’ll be able to use that in this DIY project, plus other scrap materials. With some strip steel, bolt and wing nut, and a rivet, you’ll be able to create your own binder tool by simply following the steps on the video.

source: Brian Davison

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