Make Your Own Wireless Headphones, DIY Style.

Ever since man discovered radio waves, he’s been obsessed with getting voice and data over distances without the need for wires. Else, there will be no radio or TV, and no mobile phones. Even gadgets for mobile phones are going wireless. You have Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

If you were angered by Apple’s move to take out the headphone port on the latest iPhone models, you’re not alone. And some advocates even hail this move as this is another step to going really wireless. The newer models even support wireless charging. But what if you don’t like the design of the wireless headset that comes with your phone?

You can actually make your own wireless headphones by following the easy steps provided by the author in this DIY video. You don’t even have to buy a new pair if you have old, broken ones lying around. You just need to follow the simple instructions in the video.

Image source: RoyTecTips

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