Tips And Techniques On How To Become A Wood Burning Pro.

Pyrography or wood burning is a type of art wherein wood is decorated by a burning design on its surface. A heated metallic point or a pyrography pen is used to create stunning images on wood. This is actually inexpensive and fun to do. Anybody can try this out!

To start wood burning, you will only need a pyrography pen and a piece of wood. You have to make sure that your wood is clean and your creative juices are flowing. If a kid wants to try wood burning, adult supervision is greatly encouraged. Pyrography pens are really hot, so don’t let kids handle one unsupervised.

Any kind of wood can be used for wood burning, but light wood is the best choice. You should avoid using darker woods and sandy woods since they can be harder to work on and the design won’t be too clear. If you have access to different kinds of wood, it’s best to test them all out and see what works best for you.

Image source: Classic Work

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