DIY tutorial: Turn That Old Car Wheel Into A Garden Wood Burner. Here’s How.

With so many of Earth’s resources dwindling, recycling is now needed more than ever. When you recycle or reuse old things, you don’t only save money; you also help the environment since there will be less production, which means less pollution. Recycling helps the earth as much as it helps you.

Take old car wheels, for example. Millions of them have been produced since the invention of cars. After served their purpose and becoming all worn out, most are thrown away and discarded. They end up lying around in junk shops or deep at the bottom of rivers or oceans.

So why not put those “useless” old tires to good use? This DIY tutorial will show you how to turn old car wheels into an impressive garden burner. This burner is not only a great conversational piece but is also perfect for those weekend barbecue parties. Plus, instead of buying a wood burner, you get to save money by repurposing your old wheels.

Image source: English woodsman

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