DIY tutorial: How To Heat Your Pool Using A Wood-Fueled Burner.

Winter is coming, and you know what that means: higher electricity bills because your heater will be working overtime to keep your warm — not to mention that your water heater has to work efficiently, too, for those much-needed hot showers.

And what about that outdoor mini-pool you had made last summer? Should it remain dormant during the cold season because no one in their right mind would take a dip in frigid water? After all, heating that much water equates to increased electrical consumption — an unwelcome addition to your monthly payments.

But what if there’s a way to heat up your pool without racking up your electric bill? That would mean pool parties even during winter, or a having a relaxing a hot bath to keep you warm and toasty. And it is actually possible if you will use a wood-fueled burner, much like the one the author uses in this DIY tutorial video.

Image source: SSLFamilyDad

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