Create A Beautiful And Comfortable Viking Chair Using Only Two Wooden Planks!

How to make a Celtic Viking Stargazer chair — by ‘thepoultrypeople’. This video will show you how to create a Viking chair with just two planks of wood. Make sure that your measurements are precise and correct so that the planks fit perfectly. You can even personalize the cut-outs of your Viking chair.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘thepoultrypeople’.


How to make a Viking, Celtic or stargazer chair out of a couple of planks, a good project requiring only 2 planks of wood. Sometimes called a celtic, gothic, or medieval chair the origins are unknown but possibly of african origin. If you are actually looking for viking style chairs google Lund and Oseberg chair for better results in this field. A really simple DIY project that you can make using minimal tooling….thepoultrypeople

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Image source: YouTube.

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