How To Make Your Own Wooden Rocket Stove.

A rocket stove is a stove with a small-diameter hole on its surface in which a combustible material is inserted and the heat exits through an insulated vertical chimney. It ensures complete combustion and uses the same principle as the Dakota fire pit.

Nowadays, most rocket stoves are made of metal with a variety of designs to choose from. However, rocket stoves are basically designed using wood and are very easy to make on your own.

In this video, you will learn how to make your own wooden rocket stove by using simple tools such as a rail support and a scotch-eyed auger bit. The diameter of the bit is preferably 1½ inches or wider to allow more heat to escape and larger fire to emerge. The wood is a piece of log cut from a dead pine tree. The functionality of the stove is also tested in the video in which the creator cooked beef ravioli!

Image source: Corporals Corner

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