[Video] Create The Perfect Splines For Your Woodcraft Without Using Measuring Devices.

One day you’ll be going to need those splines to strengthen and beautify your woodcraft. The problem is it’s hard to make splines that will fit perfectly to the kerf of saw blades. A common solution to this is to take measurements and plot it individually, but if you have 50 splines to make, chances are, there will be inconsistencies in your measurement.

An excellent way to solve this problem is to use a cross cut sled and add a stop block at the fence. Make sure to raise the blade higher than the stop block. Place the wood vertically and then cut a part that encompasses the width of the saw blade. Flip the wood back and then connect it with the stop block. Cut the wood strip and you’ll be having your splines that fit perfectly to the kerfs that you have.

If you find it hard imagining the steps, check the video for a closer look of how the method is done.

source: Wurmtal 868

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