Screw It Or Nail it? Woodworking Basics.

What makes Robertson better than Phillips? There are many different types of screws, and for beginners it can get confusing really quick. Which one works best? Is there any difference? This video will help you understand this basic woodworking skill – the ability to choose the right screws for your project.

Try going to a hardware store and you’ll find aisles line with shelves decked with various types of screws. If you do not know what you are looking for, you can easily get lost in this labyrinth of tiny wood fasteners. Fortunately, the friendly staff is always ready to come to your aid. But it is still helpful to know which type of screw you need before you buy them.

Here is a comprehensive video about the different types of screws. Watch our helpful woodworker explain the difference between a screw and a bolt, to find out which one is right for your project.

Image source: Steve Ramsey

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