Simple Tips For Woodworking Measurements And Layouts.

Taking measurements can be a pain in the neck for many woodworkers. Beginners might find that it is very easy to make mistakes when cutting the wood into shape. Not even the right tools will do the trick. It can be frustrating. In fact, there are instances when measuring twice is no longer enough to make the accurate cut.

While they are often equipped with several tools for his craft, these must also work together efficiently and properly. More than having the right tools, it is also important to consider the importance of knowing how to use them skillfully.

Sandor Nagyszalanczy has been a woodworker for more than thirty five years. He shares the sentiments of many woodworkers in making certain mistakes when measuring out wood. In the following video, he shares his secret to minimizing—and even totally eliminating the chances of getting it wrong. Watch him demonstrate his proven methods of taking accurate measurements with the right tools.

Image source: WoodworkersJournal

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