Easy Breezy: Installing Outside Baseboard Corners.

Cutting and installing baseboard corners should be an easy breezy chore. But there are instances when installing it can become a huge dilemma. A common baseboard corner usually measures 90 degrees. There isn’t much of a problem cutting these baseboards. The problem usually occurs when the corner does not measure an exact 90 degrees.

Normally, a baseboard corner is cut using a miter saw. This saw is used to create accurate cuts in a quick motion. There are around six types of a miter saw namely original miter box and saw, compound miter saw, standard miter saw, sliding compound miter saw, dual compound-miter saw, and laser LED sliding dual compound miter saw.

However, when the measurement of the baseboard corner exceeds 90 degrees, a miter saw alone might not be much of a help. More tools and a little bit of math is needed to solve this dilemma. Continue to the next page to find out how to cut baseboard corners.

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