Silence Your Squeaky Wood Floors Using This Simple But Effective Fix.

Wood floors are lovely, but the ever-so-present problem of squeaking then comes into play. You think the culprit is your shoes. But then you tried listening harder – and the squeaking sound actually comes direct from your floor. What do you do now?

There are three main layers of wood floors: joists, subfloors, and the finished floor on top. These three layers must be held securely together so that there are no spaces in between that could possibly cause the squeaks. There are also floors made using the sleeper system; that is, you have thin pieces of wood evenly spaced and nailed on top of the subfloor, just below the finished floor. The spaces in between these wood pieces and the finished floor can also be the source of the floor squeaks.

Luckily, there’s a simple and effective way to fill in these floor spaces and bind the floor layers nicely together to eliminate the annoying squeaks. Watch this short video to learn how to do it.

Image source: This Old House

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